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Uber Italia is back in communication in Milan and Rome with the multi-platform campaign “We are here. And we take you wherever you want ”, aimed at increasing the awareness of the brand in the two big Italian cities in conjunction with the progressive post-Covid reopening. The campaign tells about the comfortable, fast, safe service and at a competitive price, but also the lifestyle that accompanies it: fun, fresh, at times disruptive, capable of inhabiting the city in its unique identity and communicating with its inhabitants.



People have to navigate cities every day to work, live and play, and therefore they continuously seek for the best solution to their personal needs. Post lockdown people re-enged with their normal life, wanting to experience all the things that they haven’t been able to do since 2020.

Uber_We’re Here_Lungo Tevere 1664×2080


Uber plays the role of the lifestyle partner who speaks the local language and share the lifestyle of his audience from Milan and Rome.



We follow the phone call of a girl left at home on a rainy night, who didn't go to a cocktail party due to a series of mobility issues.A friend, already at the party, calls her to encourage her to join her, and during the call suggests Uber as a one-stop solution to all the problems: traffic, rain, parking, needing to drive back..

This audio was aired in two versions, specifically tailored for Milan and Rome, 
recited with a strong Roman/Milanese inflection and using local terms.



To amplify the campaign in Milan, we teamed up with Il Milanese Imbruttito to narrate the new service with a video aired on Instagram.


Trastevere. Campo De’ Fiori. San Lorenzo. Testaccio. Monti. Pigneto. What is real roman people up to on a typical Night Out? From aperitivo, to dinner, to a party, Uber will move you to your favourite spots in the city. Where is your night out bringing you to?

We selected influent accounts from Rome (macro, medium, mini) are chosen to narrate on their platforms a typical Night Out in the eternal city with Uber. 

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